Homemaking Services: Help with everyday housekeeping tasks such as light cleaning, meals, and laundry that are difficult and even dangerous for a senior to perform. To start Homemaking service, one of our case workers will make a home visit, assess your need for services, and develop a service plan with you to meet those needs. 


Chore Services: For those who are unable to perform routine home maintenance tasks. Includes minor safety related home repairs, "spring" cleaning tasks such as first floor window washing, oven cleaning, wall washing and routine seasonal chores such as raking, grass cutting, snow shoveling may be available. Seasonal Chore availability is limited.  Call the Senior Center to determine your eligibility for services.



Case Coordination & Support is the provision of a comprehensive assessment of persons aged 60 and over with a complementing role of brokering existing community services and enhancing informal support systems when feasible. Case Coordination and Support (CCS) includes the assessment and reassessment of individual needs, development and monitoring of a service plan, identification of and communication with appropriate community agencies to arrange for services, evaluation of the effectiveness and benefit of services provided, and assignment of a single individual as the caseworker for each client.


Financial Management: Assistance with completing state and federal tax forms, enrollment in medical and prescription insurance plans, applications for housing, food and other assistance programs, food programs and assistance with routine household management and other financial concerns.


Outreach: Identify and contact those persons who may need assistance or services and help them access what is available. It can include referrals to other agencies and arrangement of services through our agency or other community resources.


Western Township Outreach: This service is for those seniors who reside in the townships of Humboldt, Champion, Republic and Michigamme; services are available locally so that they do not have to travel to the "city" to receive services. Our Outreach Worker has regularly scheduled service hours at township halls and other township sites; and will also make home visits those who are unable to travel outside their home. Services such as Case Coordination & support, Financial Management are available; and the Outreach Worker oversees Homemaking and Chore Services in the townships. This program is funded in part through Marquette County United Way.




All Caseworker Services provide assistance to seniors, their caregivers, and their family members to help them to connect with other community service providers if they are in need of services which we do not directly offer.